Girl Rescued from Fear

Aabha’s dad, Edom, came home every evening from work drunk, miserable that he could only make a meager amount of money. In desperation to get more money, Edom also gambled. Because Edom got drunk, he would abuse his family to get his way, so Aabha’s mother and three sisters lived in fear. Though they wanted to beg Edom to stop drinking, they knew they couldn’t. So the wife and daughters pleaded with their gods instead.

Father Neglects His Family

Aabha (pictured above) was touched through a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor and his wife. Her desire is to go to Bible college.

Edom didn’t have a permanent job, but he did several day-labor jobs when they were available. Because of his alcohol addiction and the unpredictability of his work, Aabha and her siblings would go hungry at times, except when Edom gave his wife, Aaheli, a meager sum of money to help provide for the family. Many times, Aabha and her siblings were unable to go to school because of their lack of money.

Hope Comes to Family

It was during this time of the family’s life that Gospel for Asia-supported woman missionary Gauhar happened to meet Aabha’s family. Being a Sunday School teacher, Guahar talked to the children and asked about the family. She then invited them to the Sunday School she taught. The next Sunday, Aabha and one of her sisters attended the Sunday School. It was there that she met Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Hanan, who started praying for her.

But something strange happened to Aabha when Pastor Hanan prayed for her. Suddenly, Aabha’s sister watched as Aabha shouted in another language and then fell to the ground. Pastor Hanan continued to pray for her until the evil spirit that harassed this young girl left.

When Aabha realized she was freed from the evil spirit’s oppression, she went immediately back home and told her mother all that happened.

Aabha Is Ready to Serve God

As the children attended the Sunday School regularly, they learned about Christ’s love. Aabha was amazed by God’s power to overcome the fear she had towards her father. She soon found joy and peace. Now she wants to serve God with her life and give others the freedom she has found.

“I am getting ready to go to Bible college,” Aabha said. “I was under the spirit of fear and bondage, but now I am totally free. I want to do the service for my Lord Jesus and tell others about Jesus Christ.”

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