Beauty from the Ashes of an AIDS Diagnosis

Shame engulfed Hanin the moment she heard the devastating news: She had AIDS. She sank into an ocean of despair. She wanted to end her life but held back for the sake of her children. All her life’s happy plans with her husband and children were dashed to pieces before her tear-filled eyes. By the time Hanin was diagnosed, her […] Read more »

Restored by the God Who Gave Her Breath

A baby girl gasped her first breath of air. As people held Maisie’s tiny body on the day of her birth, no one knew that the day would come when she would be violently abused by her husband. No one knew when that little breath of air entered the world that the day would eventually come when Maisie would long […] Read more »

World Toilet Day: Providing Hygiene and Dignity for All

World Toilet Day, a movement organized and backed by the United Nations, aims to bring awareness to the lack of basic sanitation and hygiene in the world. The World Health Organization and UNICEF reported in 2015 that, worldwide, 2.4 billion people lacked rudimentary sanitation facilities. With little to no access to any form of facilities, these people are forced to […] Read more »