Beauty from the Ashes of an AIDS Diagnosis

Shame engulfed Hanin the moment she heard the devastating news: She had AIDS.

She sank into an ocean of despair. She wanted to end her life but held back for the sake of her children. All her life’s happy plans with her husband and children were dashed to pieces before her tear-filled eyes.

By the time Hanin was diagnosed, her health was in critical condition. The doctors said she had only a few more years left to live before the disease extinguished her life. At home, Hanin felt a widening gulf between her and her relatives. Though no one said anything overtly, the news of her illness brought much suspicion and shame on her bowed head.

A Husbands Mourns

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors, like the one pictured, offer prayer, compassion and hope to desperate people who have nowhere else to turn.

Hanin was not the only person devastated by her diagnosis—her loyal and loving husband, Baith, experienced deep anguish in his heart, too. He loved Hanin greatly.

Baith knew there was no treatment that could heal his beloved wife. Even so, he wanted to spend every cent they had on anything that could possibly give her more time—anything that could ease her pain and give her hope. Thinking about Hanin constantly, Baith strove to make her happy and give her peace, but to no avail. Hanin sank into hopelessness and waited for death to come.

Climbing Out of the Pit of Despair

Baith heard about a servant of God in a nearby village who was known to serve a God of healing. Grasping on to shreds of hope, Baith and Hanin sought this man out. They found Pastor Chandan. This Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor had been serving the Lord in this village for several years and had seen the Lord bring healing to others.

Grief-soaked words poured from Baith and Hanin as they disclosed their burdens with Pastor Chandan. He was moved with compassion at their heartrending story. He could see the love and desperation between the couple as they shared, and he comforted them through God’s Word. Hanin felt a strange joy break through the clouds of darkness, and her troubled soul stilled under a blanket of peace and joy. God’s Word broke through like a ray of light in Hanin’s dark pit of despair.

The couple returned home determined to see Pastor Chandan again and hear the comforting words of his sacred book.

Piece by Piece, Life Is Restored

Baith and Hanin began attending Pastor Chandan’s church. They worshiped the Lord and started to believe He really could help Hanin. Hanin’s spirit began to mend as she spent time listening to and obeying the Word of God. Faith began to fill her gulf of hopelessness. As her heart was mended together piece by piece, something happened in her body as well.

A month later at a regular checkup, doctors puzzled over her test results. They shared with the couple what they could not believe themselves: Hanin no longer had AIDS! The doctors were astonished to find that she had been healed and confirmed her amazing recovery with multiple tests. Baith and Hanin could not control their joy!

Their family, intact and happier than ever, faithfully attend church and testify to the power and love of Jesus. Future dreams that were once crumbling through their fingers—beyond hope of repair—were now remade, full of a joy and hope greater than anything they had known before.

These Bridge of Hope children are marching on World AIDS Day to promote awareness and battle the stigma of the crippling disease.

Awareness Raised All Over Asia on World AIDS Day

Many people who are infected with HIV in Asia carry a stigma of shame and hopelessness. But Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers want these people to know the free gift of God’s love that covers all shame.

In an effort to proclaim that love, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers pull together to bring awareness and hope into their communities concerning HIV/AIDS. Sunday school groups and Bible college students conduct rallies and marches during World AIDS Day, Dec. 1. Throughout the year, medical camps provide checkups—including HIV/AIDS testing—for communities that lack access to health care.

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers are committed to showing the love of Jesus to those at risk or suffering from the deadly disease through education, medical support, prayer and love. In the wake of the AIDS epidemic, God is bringing health and healing throughout Asia, just as He did in the lives of Baith and Hanin.

Rabia experienced God’s power when she was healed from a dreaded disease in Asia—leprosy!

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