Finding Purpose Despite Disability

Sariah (pictured) has found love and acceptance through the staff at a Bridge of Hope center.

“Why was I born into this world?” That’s a question most children don’t find themselves asking, but Sariah was no ordinary child. The young girl had been unable to walk since birth, and she felt isolated—different.

Consumed by Loneliness

While her family members were followers of the local traditions, Sariah was especially devout. Often the young girl rebuked her siblings for not following their traditions closely. But that piety masked a great insecurity inside her heart.

Loneliness and depression strangled Sariah’s heart. Because of her disability, she refused to go to school, fearing ridicule and laughter. Her parents let her stay home, but her isolation merely brought further feelings of self-derision. Sariah felt that nobody loved her and that even her deities had abandoned her.

“Why was I born into this world?” she would ask. The ensuing silence further strangled any hope or happiness Sariah had, and her outlook on life and her future continued to darken.

Transformative Love

However, one day, a response did come. Staff from a local Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Bridge of Hope center happened to meet Sariah and her family. Seeing that the young girl wasn’t attending school, they asked why.

“There is no one who loves and cares [for] me,” Sariah responded, “so I do not want to go to school to study.”

The workers invited Sariah to attend the local Bridge of Hope center, where she could study in a place of love and acceptance. Intrigued and hopeful, Sariah enrolled.

At the center, the staff poured love over Sariah. Her fellow Bridge of Hope students accepted her and saw past her disability, and she found friends.

Here was the answer Sariah sought. The loneliness and despair that ruled over the young girl began to dissipate. Sariah’s true personality, one of creativity and happiness, began to thrive.

Socially, mentally, emotionally and physically, Sariah blossomed. Sariah’s creative and artistic heart broke through her previous shell of isolation and sadness. Through the transformative love shown by Bridge of Hope workers, Sariah now has a completely different outlook on life.

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  1. Yvonne

    It’s just amazing what God can do.

  2. Oluwole

    Healing is same as Peter and John did in Acts 3, at the Beautiful Gate and Jesus that healed the lame man said in Hebrews 13:8 that Jesus remains the SAME if we BELIEVE and have FAITH in Him; so Satish should do likewise to receive her healing.
    Be blessed.

  3. Anna

    I have epilepsy. But these days my attacks are of the petit mal variety. They are controlled by drugs

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