Rejected Wife Meets the God of Miracles

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Women’s Fellowships, like this one pictured, are impacting their communities through prayer.

A group of women visited the sick, hurting and broken inside the walls of the local hospital. The ladies, who were from a church led by a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor, wanted to share the experience of comfort and love they all knew in Christ. As they prayed and encouraged the hospital patients, they met a lady named Haaniya.

A Sorrowful Story

When Haaniya heard the ladies from the Women’s Fellowship praying for her, she cried loudly. All the pain and sorrow came rushing out from her heart as she explained her situation to the ladies.

“I got married 20 years ago,” Haaniya said. “We led a good family life. My husband was working as a driver. But we don’t have children. We went to temples and [prayed] and offered things [so we would be blessed with children]. But we did not receive any blessing from our gods.”

Haaniya went on to explain how one day, her husband went to work and didn’t return home.

“He left me,” she said. “Now we don’t know anything about him.”

Alone and unprotected, Haaniya began living in her older brother’s house.

“My brother and his wife provide everything for me,” she said.

Then Haaniya suddenly developed a severe breathing problem. She and her brother visited a doctor, who admitted her into the hospital after a thorough check up. It was during this time that she met the Women’s Fellowship sisters.

“I am getting better,” she told the ladies, “but I am not happy because of my family problem.”

The women listened to Haaniya’s sad story and comforted her. They shared about the wonderful miracles of Jesus and prayed for her husband, her health and her family struggles to be resolved. The Women’s Fellowship ladies assured Haaniya they would visit her again.

Answered Prayer and New Life

When the ladies visited the hospital the next month, they found that Haaniya had been discharged and was living again with her brother and his wife. The ladies kept their promise and visited Haaniya. After arriving at her brother’s house, they discovered the Lord had answered their prayers!

“Now I am completely cured,” Haaniya said with joy. “Also, I am very happy because when you visited the hospital and prayed for me, after two days my husband came back to my house and visited the hospital. He is totally changed in his life. Now he cares for me and provides everything for me.”

Because of these miracles, Haaniya and her husband returned to their home and began attending a church led by a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor. They both asked Jesus to be part of their lives, and they are a contented family once again.

God is using ladies from Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Women’s Fellowships across Asia to be the hands and feet of Christ to women like Haaniya. Today, Haaniya knows the God of Miracles loves her because these ladies took time to pray for and encourage those around them.

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  1. Annabelle

    This beautiful miracle touched my heart and soul for both Haaniya and her husband and all of those who genuinely felt her plight and ministered straight from their hearts. I am newly converting to Christianity from a background of trying to heal the world as myself and I found this site and the leprocy ministry and all that Christians are doing to follow jesus’ Work and his word. I want to learn to pray deeply for this kind of work and allow myself to be a channel of Gods healing for anyone and anything in his will. Thank you for opening my heart ❤️

  2. Jennifer

    I need for my 21 year old with addiction problems please keep her in your prayers her name is Jacqueline

  3. Beatrice

    Praying for Jaqueline and all young men and women who are caught up in the awful chains of addiction. We pray to the One true God to break the chains that bind them in Jesus name.

  4. Michelle L

    Coming in agreement with Beatrice. Praying for Jaqueline and all young women or are caught up in the awful strongholds of addictions. In Jesus’ name please strengthen us to deal with our struggles daily. To open up to others to find fellowship and help with our struggles.

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