Twelve-year-old Pastor’s Son Shares Christ with Neighbor Boy

Two worlds collided when Murali and Pranay played together. Although neighbors, the 12-year-old boys lived completely different lives. As their friendship grew, Pranay learned of the struggles Murali’s family faced—struggles Pranay had never known. Pranay had known love and care from his father, a GFA-supported pastor, from the earliest age. Hope and purpose permeated Pranay’s family life and he enjoyed […] Read more »

Sampat, bedridden for years, walks again after prayers of Gospel for Asia's Women's Fellowship.

Bedridden Man Walks Again

God sent Prama and her Women’s Fellowship team to Sampat’s village at a moment of despair for Sampat’s family—his life was about to be extinguished. Sampat, a model son, was everything his parents hoped he would be. At 23 years old, he worked hard as a shop -keeper to help his father support the family. Sampat’s job kept food on […] Read more »