God Saves Men from Almost Certain Death

steep dirt road
It was on a difficult road like this one that Himmat and his companions cried out for help when their four-wheeler broke down.

Putt. P-putt! Whiroooo… hiss! The recently purchased four-wheeler was supposed to take Himmat and his companions up a hazardous road to a nearby village to sell clothes. Instead, it sputtered to a grinding halt on its own accord and then began rolling backwards. Himmat and the two men with him yelled desperately for assistance, but they could only sit helplessly as their vehicle rolled down the steep road toward a ditch. If the vehicle swerved to the opposite side, they would smash into a mountain. Neither option was ideal.

Back to the Beginning

Himmat grew up in a home that practiced the local religion. If he had not already met Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Kundan when his vehicle careened down the mountainside, Himmat may have called out to the deities of his local tradition, hoping desperately that somehow, someone would intervene. However, he had heard Pastor Kundan describe the Good News of a loving God who wants a personal relationship with His people. When Himmat heard about this God, he was overcome with a sense of peace in his heart and decided to attend the pastor’s church to get more information.

Himmat, his wife and their two sons continued to attend the church regularly and learn more about Jesus. They even participated in some of the church activities. The more he learned about God, the more Himmat saw God’s blessing in his life. He began to see increased profits from selling clothes and was able to purchase a four-wheeler, which would help continue to grow his business.

Life-Changing Faith

As Himmat and his two passengers traveled up a mountain to a nearby village to sell clothes, they unexpectedly found their vehicle—and their lives—swiftly headed toward a destructive end, and no one was around to help prevent it. With nothing left to do and moments away from crashing into the ditch, Himmat lifted his hands off the steering wheel and into the air and prayed aloud for Jesus to save them.

Suddenly, the vehicle reversed its deadly course and jolted forward. The next they knew, the three travelers were headed in the opposite direction, winding up the mountain toward their destination. It wasn’t long before Himmat regained control of the vehicle.

When they arrived safely, Himmat quickly got out of the vehicle and dropped to his knees, praising God for the salvation of their lives. The other two men followed his example and offered up their praises of thanksgiving to Christ as well.

Thankfully, the return trip was much less eventful.

Once home, Himmat did not hesitate to share his story with the church of how God saved his life as he traveled up the mountain that day. He and his family now enjoy a personal relationship with the God who answered his plea.


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    Woderful. The Mercy of God is limitless.

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