Son’s Healing Strengthens Mother’s Faith

Son’s Healing Strengthens Mother’s Faith - Gospel for Asia - KP Yohannan
Anushka’s faith grew stronger after prayers for her son led to a miraculous healing.

When her son became sick, Anushka took him to the doctor and then praised the Lord when he recovered. When her boy fell ill again, this time with a more daunting prognosis, Anushka’s faith was tested. Could God—would God—heal her son again?

Plagued by Sickness

It almost seemed easy when Fajar, the younger of Anushka’s two sons, became sick initially. Anushka took him to the hospital; the doctor prescribed medicine; and the medicine began working immediately. Fajar was soon healthy and back in his second-grade class at school.

Anushka was the only believer in her household, but she made sure to praise God for her son’s quick healing.

Not long after that, however, Fajar grew sick again. It was clear this sickness was more serious as the boy began to lose strength. Anushka took Fajar to the same hospital, hoping another round of medicine would cure her son. After examination, the doctors reported Fajar suffered from jaundice as well as an additional health problem: The 8-year-old boy had a heart condition.

Anushka was shaken by the news. As the only believer in her family, she could not turn to her husband, her mother or either of her sons for encouragement to put her hope and trust in God during this difficult situation. Anushka decided to turn to her church, led by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Aashish, for help.

Frail Hope Made Strong

Anushka told Pastor Aashish about her son’s health condition. He encouraged her and recommended she continue taking Fajar to the hospital doctor for treatment. Anushka listened to his advice, and Fajar began his treatments. Several treatments and medical bills later, Fajar’s health showed no improvement. Anushka began to despair, losing hope that her son would ever be healed.

Pastor Aashish and a few believers from the church began to visit Anushka’s family and to pray fervently for Fajar every day, morning and evening. The group of believers continued their prayers faithfully for 15 days.

By the 15th day, Fajar was completely healed.

All the believers who prayed for Fajar rejoiced over his complete healing, but perhaps none more than his own mother. Anushka was overjoyed when Fajar received healing. Her faith grew stronger during the journey of praying for her son and of waiting and watching God work a miracle in his life so clearly. God replaced her despair with peace and joy.

Anushka began telling others of God’s faithfulness displayed in her life, and she longs for her family to know God’s love so they can experience the same peace and joy she’s found.


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