The Sound of Healing

Talika (pictured) was partially deaf. But when the Lord began to restore her hearing, she realized how much Jesus loves her.

Talika was partially deaf. She could barely make out anything of the Bible stories her teachers shared during a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Vacation Bible School. But somehow, though she couldn’t hear the majority of what was being said, she felt the joy of Jesus through the activities she and many other children participated in.

Answered Prayer Fading Her Gloom

Talika and her family lived in poverty. Working in a tea garden, her parents struggled to provide one meal a day for the family. They had nothing to offer their 9-year-old daughter to help with her hearing problem. But it made them happy when they noticed Talika’s joy when she returned from the VBS program.

Talika colored Bible story pictures and participated as much as she could during VBS. Though she was happy to attend the program, sadness lurked in the shadow of her joy. She was embarrassed by her hearing problem, and it made her shy.

Talika opened up to Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Kraanti, telling him all about the pain she faced because of her lack of hearing. With love and much sympathy, Pastor Kraanti and the VBS teachers gathered around little Talika. As their prayers came before the throne of God, Talika knew she was loved—especially when she received what her heart was aching over.

After their prayers, Talika’s hearing improved! The Lord began to heal her ears, and Talika’s parents rejoiced to see the miracle God had done in their daughter’s life.

Talika said, “I thank the Lord for showing His love to me.”

Today, Talika is a living witness of God’s power and individual love for her. She now holds the hope of the Healer and the Friend she met during the simple VBS event.

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  1. Corina


  2. Lisa

    It’s a lovely testimony. Thanks God’s healing power to Talika.
    May God bless all your works in Asia.


    Our God is able…… He is the God of the impossible!

  4. Mary

    Our Lord is a Lord of healing and love

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