Widows Trade Their Sorrows for Joy

After the sudden death of her husband, Mahiya (pictured) had no rest in her life—until she met Jesus.

Mahiya found herself sitting inside a church building, surrounded by a huge crowd of people worshiping Jesus. Something stirred within her pursuing heart. Ever since her husband’s death, she was seeking an answer to her turmoil—maybe this was the answer she was searching for? Maybe this would stop her worrying about her fatherless children? Maybe here she could find hope for their future?

Not long before, Mahiya met a woman named Aarika. As Mahiya poured out her heart, Aarika could understand her problems well. Both women were widows. But even though Aarika was a widow herself, she had contentment and rest—the very things Mahiya longed for. Even though Mahiya was a caring and tender woman, ready to help anyone in need, she previously had no one to help in her time of need.

“I don’t feel peace in my life,” Mahiya said. “I am always disturbed, worried about my children.”

“I was not having peace in my life,” Aarika responded. “I was also struggling in my life. But now I have peace in my life. Jesus Christ gave me peace.”

Mahiya listened as Aarika explained her source of comfort and genuine healing in Jesus, and something inside her heart stirred. She decided she would visit Aarika’s church to learn more about Jesus.

On Sunday morning, Mahiya attended a church service conducted by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Falak. Mahiya talked with the pastor after the service and shared her story.

Pastor Falak prayed for Mahiya, and she felt rest had made its way into her troubled, anxious spirit. Mahiya met Jesus that day, and He filled her with His peace that surpasses all understanding.

God, in His grace, placed Aarika—a woman who could relate with the struggles of widowhood—in Mahiya’s path to share the hope she held in the Lord.

Aarika’s testimony encouraged Mahiya to experience God’s healing in her own life, and Mahiya was able to testify to the Body of Christ what Jesus did in her life and how He is the comfort her heart now holds.

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  1. Daniel

    Thank the Lord. Blessed are the poor in spirit.

  2. Pastor Kelly-Lambo

    I lost my husband too. Right now, his body is in the mortuary. The family are fighting to take all my husband and I have. A woman called Esther in the family have dragged me to High Court.

    Please everyone should join me to pray that God Almighty in His infinite mercies should vindicate me, defend me and fight my battle and give me 100% victory on the day of hearing.

    They have gone to forged papers and evidences against me. That God of heaven and the earth should expose them, disappoint them and disgrace them in Jesus powerful name, Amen.

    Thank you all and God bless you forever and ever.

  3. Rebecca

    Is there anything to hard for God? No. I am the Lord that healed there ( Exdous 15:26 Jesus love you ask Jesus to help you and believe by faith He will come in and give you love forgiveness,peace ,wisdom, meet your every need. Jesus bore our sins and diseases whatever on the cross. I am praying for everyone in Asia God is a Miracle Worker .

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