When a Fever Breaks

Aahva had a high fever and a headache, but he really wanted to go to Sunday school. The Sisters of Compassion prayed for him and God healed him completely!

Eight-year-old Aahva sat strangely silent among nine other children from the slum who had gathered for Sunday School. His unusual behavior didn’t go unnoticed by the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Sisters of Compassion. When they asked Aahva what was wrong, he complained of a headache. They felt his forehead and quickly found it was aflame. The sisters tenderly prayed for him and sent him home.

Jesus: The Prayer-answering God

That night, Aahva slept in his home peacefully. To his parent’s great amazement and joy, God had completely healed their eldest son!

“For the past six months, Aahva had been suffering from fever and other complaints,” Aahva’s mother, Ratnali, told the Sisters of Compassion. “We took him to two to three hospitals. The doctors gave him injection and medicines. For some days he was alright, and again the problem continued. … Due to this, he was unable to go to school regularly. Moreover, we were unable to give good treatment for him. He was sick, but because of his interest in attending Sunday school, he came there. That day, you prayed for him, and at night we noticed complete healing in his body. We are thankful to you and experienced that Jesus is the prayer-answering God.”

Aahva began to change. He never used to enjoy school, but after attending Sunday School and receiving healing from his plaguing illness, he began to care more about his studies and do well in them.

News of Healing Builds Faith

Soon after God healed Aahva, the Sisters of Compassion started a literacy class for the women of the slum. Ratnali wanted to escape illiteracy, so she joined the class. She introduced the Sisters of Compassion to her friends and shared how the Lord Jesus healed her son through their prayers. As the women heard her testimony and saw with their own eyes how the Lord had given Aahva better health, their hearts opened to God’s love. They began asking the Sisters of Compassion to conduct prayer meetings in their homes.

After the Lord healed Aahva from his repeated sicknesses, his family came to know the love of Christ for themselves.

Not only were the women in the slum impacted, but Aahva developed the habit of hiding God’s Word in his young heart and grew to trust Jesus with his prayer requests.

Through the Lord’s healing and the care and love of the Sisters of Compassion in Aahva, God displayed a glimpse of His mighty and powerful love!

“Through our son’s healing, we came closer to God,” Aahva’s parents testified. “Today, we are so happy in the Lord and thankful to the Sisters of Compassion for their hard work.”

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