Selling Gourds and Finding Life Purpose

Bridge of Hope student
Thanks to Bridge of Hope, Kali is now thriving in school.

Another long day of peddling vegetables came and went for Sadru. He had been doing his best to support his family—a wife and two young children—with his vegetable selling, but it just wasn’t cutting it. His heart was burdened with the knowledge that, in spite of all the wonderful schools nearby, he could not afford to enroll his 12-year-old daughter, Kali, in any of them. It saddened him to see her held back. Kali was smart and loved school, but Sadru couldn’t afford the supplies she needed to excel, no matter how many bitter melons and gourds he sold.

Hearing About Hope

When Sadru and his wife, Talika, learned about the new Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bridge of Hope center in their village, they grew excited and quickly enrolled Kali.

Sadru was particularly thankful for the center. He struggled to feed his family, and now Kali received a nutritious meal every day. The things he couldn’t afford to give his daughter to help her in school—and in life—were freely given to her from Bridge of Hope. As well as schooling, she received personal care items and routine medical checkups that would help keep her healthy.

From Hope Received to Hope Given

Since he enrolled her in the Bridge of Hope program, Sadru has watched Kali’s life change. Once struggling in school due to her lack of supplies, she began excelling in her studies, even reaching the top of her class. Sadru and Talika were thrilled at her success.

“We are free of many burdens and worries,” her parents said, “because from the day our children joined Bridge of Hope they are able to study well and are scoring good marks too. We are now confident about their good future.”

Though her parents make only a meager income from their work as vegetable sellers, Bridge of Hope provides for many of Kali’s needs.

The staff at Bridge of Hope has helped Kali, and all the other children under their care, to develop in every area of life. Kali has been influenced by the kindness of her teachers and inspired by their faith.

Kali has found direction in her life as well as in her studies. She has realized she can use her education to help her entire community and has a growing heart to serve humanity. Sadru is so grateful that God has provided such wonderful people for Kali to learn from at the Bridge of Hope center, and Kali is thankful for the opportunity to share what she learns with her parents.

Once worried that he wouldn’t sell enough vegetables to support his family, Sadru now finds joy both in his work and in the knowledge that Kali is thriving.


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