From Prisoner to Loving Father

Aidan needed help. The 28-year-old’s newborn son was ill. Aidan and his wife, Ella, were about to take the baby to the hospital, but there was one person they needed to see…

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GFA pastors like Kagan (not pictured) bring Christ’s love to the communities they serve.

Jesus Well Provides Easy Access to Clean Water

Ten times each day, 20 minutes each way—Kylan and his wife, Esmai, spent cumulative hours on one task. Back and forth, the parents of two performed the same errand. They had to…

Thanks the new Jesus Well, like the one pictured, Kylan’s village now has easy access to clean, pure water.

A Once-Annoyed Girl Discovers God’s Love

As 16-year-old Jillian listened to her friend, Reghan’s invitation, her curiosity grew. Jillian had wanted to see how Christians celebrated Christmas, though she had never understood Reghan’s faith. In fact, Jillian hadn’t…

Pastor Joaquin, like the pastor pictured, offers God’s love to questioning people—like Jillian.

Cow Helps Family Remove Yoke of Debt

The last four years had been somewhat of a whirlwind for Mabli. Through the faith-filled ministry of local Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Danil, the middle-aged mother of five had experienced the…

Mabli, pictured here with two of the five cows, sold the milk her cows produced to lift herself and her family out of poverty.