Vegetables and a Church Steeple

Nela stopped in front of the beautiful church building, groceries in hand. She passed it every week on her way to the market. Her tired eyes admired the white pillars as she peered up at the cross silhouetted against the sky. The widowed mother of two grown children had paused there many other times to pray to her gods for […] Read more »

Husband’s Steadfast Example Leads Wife to Christ

Tanmayee’s amulets jingled as she turned the pages of her husband’s Bible. She was searching for answers. It was a mystery why her husband, Nathin, remained devoted to Jesus despite her urging to reject Him. He loves me, Tanmayee thought to herself, but is never willing to listen to me when I ask him to forsake Christ. These thoughts troubled […] Read more »

A Surprise Film

It was a hot, rainy day when a Gospel for Asia-supported film team, led by Aadit, traveled to a hidden village. Sweat trickled down their heads as they carried the heavy equipment on their shoulders through the narrow path leading to the village. They knew the hard work would be worth it for the villagers to hear of God’s love […] Read more »

The Answered Prayers of a Childless Woman

Hatisha had no one to rock to sleep at night. After five years of happy marriage, Hatisha and her husband, Mandan, remained childless. Everyone Hatisha knew said she was “bad luck” because she was barren. She was kept away from baby showers and even from being near people’s children. Hatisha lived in disgrace. Motherhood: An Unfulfilled Dream The pain of […] Read more »

Hope Is Born When Widows Meet

Kalinda had once lived happily among her family members and all who knew her. She was recognized throughout her village as a good lady who honored the elderly and loved the young ones. Life was normal and blissful for her hardworking husband and two growing sons. They worked side by side each day, tending to the needs of the family. […] Read more »

Januja’s Everlasting Gift

Januja, a broken and abused young woman met the Prince of Peace at just the right time. He came into her life, made her new and brought a gift of peace and joy into her world. She made a commitment to never let that gift go—a commitment that would be challenged by her own husband. Burdened by Domestic Abuse Januja […] Read more »

World AIDS Day rally

‘Know AIDS, No AIDS’

Each year on December 1, World AIDS Day, communities around the globe unite their focus against a worldwide threat: HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. According to UNAIDS, “36.7 million people globally were living with HIV in 2016.” They estimate 35 million people have died from the disease since the time HIV/AIDS was recognized as a global epidemic. Since its […] Read more »

Once Abused, Now Rewriting Her Story

Fear gripped Misha as her violent husband pointed a gun in her direction. The stench of alcohol was on his breath as anger arose out of his madness. Every day, Misha agonized in the abuse of her husband, the father of her children. “I felt like I was in a hell to stay with an abusive alcoholic husband,” she confessed. […] Read more »

Lwin’s New Source of Hope and Stability

Lwin was filled with grief upon hearing the news that would change his life forever. In that moment, he questioned everything he knew, including why he had lost everything. Would he ever find something to give him hope? Broken Relationships As a child, Lwin lived in a home filled with aggression and sadness. He would sit and watch as his […] Read more »

Rebellious Teen Discovers Psalms

Wandering through life, Romir ignored his Bible and sought pleasure and fulfilment the only way he knew how: avoiding responsibility. Still, the 16-year-old’s hunger for happiness was not appeased. Would his inner longing ever be satisfied? Without Direction At a young age, Romir began to fill his life with things that were bad for his emotional health, including unhealthy friendships […] Read more »

A Grandfather Witnesses God’

A Grandfather Witnesses God’s Mercy

Sabal, 55, had never accepted the love of Jesus. Even though his wife, Laboni, was Christian, Sabal remained loyal to his deities. It wasn’t until his grandson was in desperate need of healing that he began to reconsider everything he believed. Seeking Answers for Grandchild Sabal loved his grandson, Edhas. Because Sabal’s son and his family lived with him and […] Read more »

Sewing Machine Paves Way for a Brighter Future After Pigs Die

Sewing Machine Paves Way for a Brighter Future After Pigs Die

Pramiti wandered into the forest. The responsibilities of caring for her aged father and her own burning desire to finish college weighed on her young shoulders. As she plucked fruit to later sell in the market, she knew the fruit of her labor was simply not enough to meet all her needs. The Needs of a Student Pramiti supported her […] Read more »

The Gift of Literacy and God’s Word

With pencils in hand and a hunger for knowledge, a new world of possibility opened to the 13 women, including Parmila, who had gathered to learn. They listened and observed as their pastor— and now teacher—taught them the meaning and sounds behind symbols they had always seen but never understood. A Global Need Nearly two thirds of the world’s illiterate […] Read more »

A Cure for Loneliness

“There is nobody to help me,” Maina said. “I have no strength.” Ladies from a Women’s Fellowship listened intently as Maina shared her hardships of being ill. Left Alone to Suffer A year had gone by since doctors told Maina that she had a tumor in her stomach. She did what she could to survive amid her pain, but Maina […] Read more »

Words She Couldn’t Forget

Eshana’s hands grasped the small booklet and flipped through the pages. She read the content eagerly. As she made her way through each printed word, Eshana felt Someone speaking to her heart. But at that moment, she didn’t understand Who it was. Life in the Tea Fields Eshana’s parents were very religious and practiced their traditional worship devoutly. They even […] Read more »