pastor prays for healing over sick man

Missionary’s Miraculous Life of Ministry

Growing up, Pastor Haatim knew about Jesus, but it wasn’t until he attended a local Christian school that he began to know Jesus as an intimate friend. After school, he attended Bible college. While a student, Pastor Haatim asked God where he should live and minister upon graduation. Through a series of events including a vision and a dream, God […] Read more »

Woman with sewing machine

Family’s Provision Comes Dressed as a Sewing Machine

Every day, Harjap and Farrukh would leave the home they rented to look for work. Whatever job they found that day would, quite literally, provide for their family’s daily bread. Though they worked hard, some days there was simply no work available, which caused severe financial strain on the family. Other days they found work, but it required them to […] Read more »

pastor prays for sad family

Hope Emerges from Sickness, Death

Bahar’s husband was gone. Stricken by cancer, he passed away after fighting it for a year. Bahar and her four children were devastated. Not long after her husband’s passing, Bahar herself fell ill with the very same type of cancer that had claimed her husband’s life. Fear and desperation threatened the ailing widow and her children. Tragedy After Tragedy Bahar […] Read more »

pastor shares love of God

The Weight of the World

When Paden turned 12, his life drastically changed. His father passed away, leaving Paden, his mother and his two younger siblings all alone. The responsibility of caring for the family fell to Paden. His childhood was over. The Man of the House After the passing of his father, Paden shouldered the burden of providing for his family. Leaving school, Paden […] Read more »

Surprised with Hope

Euna could not believe her eyes. The gift the GFA-supported pastor held in his hands would change her life for the better. With tears of joy, she happily accepted the piglet, carefully taking it from Pastor Rasik. An Answered Prayer For Euna, this piglet provided the extra income she needed to help her and her son survive. When Euna’s husband […] Read more »

An Empty Heart Filled with Love

Unhappy. Discontent. Void of purpose. Empty. That’s how 28-year-old Basudha felt. With his sisters married and his parents passed on, Basudha was, for the most part, alone. Basudha followed his family’s local practices and rituals, but nothing brought him happiness—not his work and not his beliefs. The Joy of Christmas One of Basudha’s coworkers, Rayan, was a member of the […] Read more »

Christmas Chickens Help Buy a Fish Farm

Parbeen looked around his farm after a hard day of work. His eyes scanned the fish ponds full of stock, and he could hear his cow mooing in its shed and his chickens clucking in their coop. He felt God’s loving hand on his life as he took care of what He had entrusted him with. The poverty he once […] Read more »

Christmas gift bicycle

Relief on a Bicycle

Step … step … step … Every footstep wracked the man’s legs with pain. Step … step … step … Just a few more steps. Walking Everywhere Darin worked as a meter reader for a state electricity board. He was in charge of reading 2,500 meters every month in three different villages. However, there was a problem—the villages had no […] Read more »

Top of Church Building

In Need of Safe Haven

Pastor Anson looked at the people who had gathered. Huddled in a believer’s home, the room they were meeting in was becoming too cramped. This was not the first house they had met in. They needed a place more permanent—more spacious. A Great Need GFA-supported pastor Anson had been serving in this village for several years, and over time his […] Read more »

Boycotted Family Finds Peace

Panmoli tried to get the attention of a villager—Panmoli was struggling alone. A wall of isolation met him because envy and hatred kept anyone from talking to Panmoli and his family members. No one wanted anything to do with them. No matter how many pleas for help, silence was the only answer they recieved. Rumors Changed Everything Panmoli, his wife […] Read more »

An Introduction to the God of Miracles

GFA-supported pastor Ezra listened to the young woman, Miba, who had come to him for prayer. She had been abandoned by her husband after delivering her second child, but at that moment, it was her brother’s health crisis that weighed heaviest on her mind. Soon, Pastor Ezra was standing in Miba’s troubled home. Failing Kidneys, a Desire for Change When […] Read more »

Abandoned Woman Receives Sewing Machine

Saci was still carrying their first son in her womb when her husband left her—again. It was the second time he abandoned her, and now Saci had to raise their daughter and new baby boy as a single parent. Saci watched her children grow and mature under her parents’ roof, while her father suffered from asthma. Because of this, she […] Read more »

Widow Is No Longer Alone

Dazi wasn’t expecting company in her one room, thatched-roof home, but she welcomed three compassionate-looking women inside. Mahia, Subi and Pema introduced themselves, kindness gleaming from their eyes. The aged widow observed by the ladies’ form of dress that her guests, clad in white and gray, had come to serve. Dazi soon found out they were GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion. […] Read more »

Vegetables and a Church Steeple

Nela stopped in front of the beautiful church building, groceries in hand. She passed it every week on her way to the market. Her tired eyes admired the white pillars as she peered up at the cross silhouetted against the sky. The widowed mother of two grown children had paused there many other times to pray to her gods for […] Read more »

Husband’s Steadfast Example Leads Wife to Christ

Tanmayee’s amulets jingled as she turned the pages of her husband’s Bible. She was searching for answers. It was a mystery why her husband, Nathin, remained devoted to Jesus despite her urging to reject Him. He loves me, Tanmayee thought to herself, but is never willing to listen to me when I ask him to forsake Christ. These thoughts troubled […] Read more »