Medical Care

As part of Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope program, children receive medical care that is widely unavailable in their areas. This is monumental in regions where many children die from preventable diseases. One Bridge of Hope center, in partnership with a humanitarian organization, took on the task of fighting one of the common ailments: blindness. A cure they can’t […] Read more »

Demonstrating God’s Power Through Prayer

Mihir Gavde, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, is witnessing God’s miraculous hand at work as Christ brings healing to many people in his community. The Shock of a Lifetime When a young boy in Mihir’s village accidently touched a live electrical wire, everyone thought he would die. Burns covered one side of his small body. But a believer from Mihir’s […] Read more »

Transformed by the Christmas Story

Gospel for Asia–supported missionaries and pastors all over Asia plan how they can share the story of Jesus’ love with their neighbors in creative ways. Jeremiah is one of these missionaries. He has already led special Christmas services in 17 villages. The Lord has worked mightily in many lives through his messages. Most of these villages are populated by high-caste […] Read more »

Shots, Tests and Exams for Free

In a Sri Lanka village where no one had ever visited a doctor, Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams provided medical checkups for more than 100 people. “This was a historical day for the villagers,” wrote GFA’s correspondent, “since it was the first time they had an opportunity to attend a medical clinic—free of charge.” Working with the local government, which helped sponsor […] Read more »

Two Weeks to Change a Life

As the pain shot through Samaj Jakkamsetti’s body, restricting him to bed rest, his future looked bleak. The young man had moved away from his family in search of work and found a construction job. Although he was making a decent salary, he surrounded himself with a corrupting group of friends and squandered most of his income on alcohol and […] Read more »

2012 Volume 1: A Bright Future

In this Edition: How A Rickshaw Changed Everything A Bright Future Gospel For Asia + You In Focus Short Reports Profile Five Minutes With K.P. Read more »