Meeting His Creator

Than testifies of God’s goodness in his life.
Than testifies of God’s goodness in his life.

Than Kyi grew up an animist. The 21-year-old college student had never heard the Gospel. He didn’t know God became flesh and dwelled among men. He didn’t know this man, named Jesus, came to save him, that He laid down His life so that he, Than, could live.

But during one of his holiday breaks, that all changed.

While back in his village visiting his family, Than met Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Lwin Naing, who was staying in his village for a few days to share God’s love. It took Lwin one full day’s journey on foot to reach Than’s village, and he planned to make the most of his time by having a three-day worship service.

Than avoided participating in Lwin’s worship service the first night, thinking it was only for Christians. But after Lwin invited him to join them for their second day, Than sat among the believers, listening to the Good News for the first time in his life.

All these years, Than had worshiped creation, but that night, he was finally introduced to the Creator—and the message of God’s sacrificial love pierced Than’s heart.

With the Holy Spirit at work, Than confessed his sins and decided he would commit his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. This newfound love engulfed Than. He became an active member in the local church, participating in all the worship services and other activities. Today, he continues to grow in the Lord as he finishes up his final year at college. He frequently visits his family and shares the Good News with them. He and Pastor Lwin have faith that Than’s parents will embrace Christ’s love soon.


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  1. a Believer

    Praise GOD for the Increase of His Church! Blessings, Honor, and Favor in our Lord Jesus Christ to Than Kyi! JESUS: “Blessed is he who are not offended at Me” ~Luke 7:23~

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