A Cart to Carry Her Vegetables

Madhurima had to carry a bamboo basket filled with fresh vegetables on her head before receiving a pulling cart.

Madhurima Banerjee knocked on yet another door. She stood with a bamboo basket filled with fresh, green vegetables balanced on her head, waiting for someone to open the door and buy the goods she carried.

This was how she earned her living. Every day, she went door-to-door selling vegetables, and every day the load became heavier and heavier for her to bear.

Putting the vegetables on a cart would relieve her burden, but she certainly could not afford to buy a cart to transport the vegetables; and renting one would take too much of her meager daily profits. So she continued to walk, carrying the heavy burden on her head.

Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Victor Malik knew Madhurima’s strenuous work was causing great pain and damage to her body, and he wanted to help.

He also knew that gifts from the Gospel for Asia Christmas Catalog would soon be distributed in his village, so he requested a pulling cart for Madhurima.

This cart not only freed Madhurima from carrying a bamboo basket of vegetables on her head—it literally changed her life. With the ability to carry a bigger load and move from place to place much faster, her business boomed.

Two years after receiving the cart, Madhurima had earned enough money to buy four more carts and expand her business! And in gratitude to God for his provision, she is also faithful to give her local church a tithe from her income.

Without GFA friends giving her the gift of this simple cart, Madhurima would still be walking door to door with that heavy basket of vegetables on her head. Now, her burden is light, and she can joyfully sell vegetables while witnessing to God’s provision in her life.

You can give another person like Madhurima the chance to unload their burden and experience God’s love.

(First published: Oct. 20, 2010)

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