Assam Desperate as Floodwaters Continue to Rise

As monsoon rains show no signs of letting up in northeastern India, residents are facing the grim reality of property loss, starvation and possible death. Hundreds have already perished in the devastation, and according to Assam Agriculture Minister Nilamoni Sen Deka, 900,000 people have been displaced. Floodwaters have now hit 58 Gospel for Asia-supported churches and six Bridge of Hope […] Read more »

River Breach Floods 80 Villages

On the evening of June 24, the Brahmaputra River flowed within its banks, carrying its hundreds of thousands of gallons of water south through the Indian state of Assam to the Bay of Bengal. But by the next morning, huge surges of floodwater were engulfing village after village in the nearby plain. The river’s embankment had given way during the […] Read more »

GFA Radio

What the Inmates Heard

Sukir had lived in prison since the time he was a young man. As the years went by, he and his fellow inmates occupied themselves by listening to the radio. But one day, switching through stations, looking for music, they came across something quite unexpected. The Bible story of the prodigal son started playing into the men’s jail cells. It […] Read more »

Shattering a Very Long Silence

Kalem lived as a beggar and, tragically, a leprosy patient. His life as an outcast was filled with poverty and discrimination, but that changed when he met Pastor Paritosh. Paritosh serves the Lord as a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary in South Asia. Eager to touch as many lives as he could, Paritosh decided to meet the lepers who lived near […] Read more »

A Miracle in Her Bowl of Rice

Sura screamed and threw her plate to the ground. Her father, Kirian, had to clean it up once again. He knew Sura wasn’t just unappreciative of the food he provided. She was terrified. For some time, a demon had been attacking Sura. Whenever she received a meal, she would see a frightening picture of someone dancing in her food. The […] Read more »