Searching for Sanity, Finding Peace

PrayingHe had a clean bill of health and a beautiful bride. Everyone thought Kulik was finally settling down. But it wasn’t long before this village menace was at it again.

For years, Kulik had been afflicted by a mental illness that caused him to steal things and plague his neighbors with trouble. They mostly left him alone, believing that time and space would heal him, but when he continued to harm and frighten people, they sent him to a mental facility.

For a while, it seemed to be just what Kulik needed. He improved over time, fulfilling his responsibilities and earning the approval of everyone at the hospital.

When Kulik came home, his parents thought he must be ready to take on some bigger responsibilities, like marriage. After they arranged his marriage to the girl next door, though, Kulik started returning to his old ways.

New Responsibilities Coincide with Relapse

Kulik would get angry at his wife, Neela, and then disappear. Neela and the other villagers would spend months searching for him, even putting notices in the newspaper. Kulik, however, only returned when he felt like it.

As these extended absences continued, his 80-year-old mother took full responsibility for Neela and their two sons. When he became physically abusive, though, Neela drew a line, and Kulik’s world began to change.

In a culture where a married woman normally doesn’t return home—even to escape abuse—Neela’s family made an exception. She moved out and Kulik was left to deal with his own problems.

A local pastor, Sachetan, knew that only if Kulik trusted Jesus would he find healing for his illness and for his marriage, but Kulik was closed off to others’ advice.

For four years, he pushed away those closest to him, and when his youngest son died, Kulik’s parents didn’t even go to the funeral. After that, they cut him off entirely, leaving Kulik utterly alone—except for Pastor Sachetan.

Hunger for Hope Drives Man to Jesus

With nothing left to lose, Kulik went back to Pastor Sachetan and asked to hear the message he had ignored so long ago. The pastor happily obliged. Kulik was hungry for even more, and decided to attend church the next Sunday.

Soon, he decided to follow Jesus, and as the other believers prayed, Kulik was completely healed from his mental illness.

Seeing the change in her husband, Neela returned with their remaining son and chose to follow Jesus, too.

Although no one thought they could be reunited, Neela and Kulik, with Christ as their example, forgave each other for everything. Filled with eternal hope, they now live together in peace.

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