Would Prayers Heal Tuberculosis?

Praying for healingPastor Ram was teaching one Sunday and noticed a visitor in the congregation. When the service ended, the young man came up to meet him. As they talked, Pastor Ram saw that the visitor, Deva, was not in good health.

Deva’s father had passed away when he was young, and his mother had to provide for the family. Deva had managed to finish his education and earn a degree, but then he became ill. For three long years, tuberculosis plagued him.

Deva’s family didn’t have much money for his treatment. They did what they could, but Deva knew it wasn’t working. He was distressed at his failing health—until a friend of his told him that there was a pastor who would pray for him.

Prayers for Healing

Pastor Ram agreed to pray for Deva, knowing first-hand that God had the power to heal. Ram’s own mother had become very ill and was healed when a missionary prayed for her, and she was the one who eventually showed Ram the way to Jesus.

So Ram prayed for Deva, and he started to feel better. It seemed that prayer was actually making a difference! In the days that followed, Deva went back to his doctor for a check-up. Miraculously, the tests showed that his health was completely normal.

Deva and his entire family were amazed at God’s mercy and the love He showed them through the healing. They each chose to embrace the message of hope that Pastor Ram had shared with them.

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