Healed and Reconciled

PrayerIt was a wonderful day for Wamika when he found new life in Christ. But his older brother Kaamil saw it differently—as a terrible shame.

Kaamil, a prominent man in the village, was wealthy, religious and influential. Enraged by his brother’s decision, he started a group dedicated to opposing all nearby Christians.

The group started torturing Christians, including Wamika. They prevented believers from using the village well or buying from village shops.

After six years of this, Wamika still stood firm in his faith. Kaamil was as angry as ever, but nothing he did could sway his brother.

Then, suddenly, a strange illness began to plague Kaamil. He went to the doctor and learned that he had developed diabetes. He grew thin and sickly, eventually unable to leave his bed.

Kaamil turned to sorcerers and all those whom his religion said could heal him, but nothing worked. When he finally went to a hospital, it was too late: He realized he was going to die.

But then, the brother he despised came to visit him on his death bed.

Wamika had come to offer hope. As he shared about the Lord’s power to heal, Kaamil’s heart softened. Kaamil’s wife immediately chose to put her faith in God and began praying fervently for her husband’s recovery.

Over the next few weeks, Kaamil started seeing improvements. Soon he knew the Lord had healed him, and he, too, chose to put his trust in Him.

The dramatic change in Kaamil’s life stunned the village. Their prominent anti-Christian leader had completely turned around. Some villagers opposed his decision, but others chose to embrace the Lord.

Kaamil had found the Truth at last. Because of his changed heart, the persecution died down in the area. Today, the Christians in this community praise the Lord that they can again use the village wells and shops, seeing the miracles He does so abundantly.

See how you can pray for missionaries ministering to people like Kaamil and Wamika.


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