Rivers of Peace

Worship serviceChurch left Harish feeling dry. His church was consumed by the traditions of nominal Christianity.

Harish deeply desired to know God, so he persistently adhered to these traditions, but they only left him feeling empty. He couldn’t find any peace.

Then, one day, Harish answered a knock at his door and met Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Alhad Bapaiah. The two men had only been talking a short time before the missionary realized Harish needed fellowship with true believers. Pastor Alhad invited Harish to his church so he could get a glimpse of the God he had been missing his entire life.

Finding the God He Sought

The service was different than what Harish was accustomed to in his old church. But his uneasiness faded away as the worship songs continued, and eventually Harish began joining the believers in worshiping his Creator.

Before long, peace flooded Harish’s heart, and he knew he had found the one true God.

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