1,000 Pieces of Hope

Man reading literature

On a recent Saturday, a small group of Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries and staff decided to reach out to as many people in their region as they could.

Dividing into two groups, the teams took a number of tracts and set out.

Resistance and an Angry Dog

Throughout the day, the teams encountered many types of reactions to their outreach. Some people refused to take the tracts, saying they already had their own gods.

One of the staff members was sharing with people when, suddenly, a black dog ran at him and bit the back of his leg. But after this frightening incident, he realized that his leg wasn’t injured at all. A few women standing nearby were amazed that God had saved his leg. This opened an opportunity for him to share with them.

Encouragement to Keep Serving

Although some people refused the tracts, about 1,000 people did accept them. Some were unable to read the tracts, so the team members took time to read and explain the Gospel message to them.

A few people even invited some team members to visit them again and teach their children.

Seeing the Lord working that day, a Bible college student on the team said, “Everywhere, the presence of God is there, and His hands are on everyone who serves Him.”

GFA’s literature ministry touches thousands of lives every year.


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