Church Building Demonstrates God’s Love

Church serviceFourteen years after he first began serving the Lord, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Aakash finally has a church building to call home.

As soon as Aakash came to know the Lord, he deeply desired for his people to find that same hope. The people in his village were downtrodden laborers who lived in a rural area without many modern comforts. He knew they needed what he had found.

Aakash and his family faithfully introduced their neighbors to the love of Jesus. It took years, however, before anyone showed interest.

The First Breakthrough

Then Aakash met a man named Moulik. Aakash shared the message of hope, and it pierced Moulik’s heart. Moulik desired to follow the Lord, and even invited Aakash to start a prayer fellowship in his home.

From there, curious people started visiting, and attendance grew. Many perceived an attitude of superiority and rejection from society and were awed by the love and care from this church family. Some villagers said they never thought a Savior would come such great distances and love them so much. God answered prayers and did miracles, and soon the fellowship outgrew Moulik’s home.

Prayers for a Church

The group moved the service to a bamboo hut, but the location wasn’t ideal. It had to be repaired each year to withstand the weather conditions, and during the rainy season, people weren’t protected. The believers began praying that the Lord would provide them with their own church building.

In 2012, they saw the answer to their prayer. When the day finally came to dedicate their new building, the congregation was full of joy over the Lord’s provision.

“We see that we are important, and the Lord takes care of His children. We are loved by Jesus, and He has not forgotten us!” said one believer.

Why are church buildings so important to congregations in Asia?


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  1. Shawn

    There is nothing stronger than “love.” It creates all the positive things in life. Praise the Lord!!!


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