Deliverance in a Tea Estate

Father and sonIt was a normal school morning for Harish’s children as they got ready to attend classes near the tea estate where their father worked. Suddenly, Harish’s son Abhay fell down and started screaming.

This terrified the rest of the family. Harish sought the help of doctors, but none of them could tell what was hurting his son.

Fear filled young Abhay. As the family realized the attacks were caused by demons, relatives suggested Harish take Abhay to a temple, hoping that the religious rituals would end Abhay’s torment.

Death Seemed the Only Hope

After coming home from the temple and still experiencing the same attacks, his family lost hope—they believed the evil spirits wouldn’t leave Abhay until he died.

Harish’s hopeless outlook didn’t improve when a relative told him there was a God who could help. Harish didn’t want to listen: He had a strong dislike of Christians.

But the next day, Harish’s wife met Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Natwar. She reacted differently than her husband, telling the pastor about their son’s troubles and deciding to bring Abhay to church for prayer.

Miracle at Church

The Sunday Abhay and his mother went to church was a turning point. The demon started attacking Abhay during the service, but several people restrained him so he could stay and hear the message of hope.

The message did sink in. A few days later, when Abhay was suffering another attack, his parents called the pastor for prayer. This time, the demon left Abhay forever.

And it wasn’t just Abhay who was transformed.

“Once I used to hate Christians,” said Harish, “but now I have become a Christian because I have sought and experienced God and He has done great miracles beyond my imagination. I want to give the entire honor to my God who healed my son.”

In awe and gratitude, Abhay’s parents invited Pastor Natwar to hold a prayer meeting in their home.

Opposition Didn’t Stop Them

Abhay’s family suffered opposition for their decision to follow Christ. For six months, the village excommunicated them, not even allowing them to use the local well. But slowly, their neighbors began accepting them again and soon returned the family’s rights to them.

The family stood firm in spite of everything, truly believing in the God who healed their son.

“Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night due to nightmares and was unable to go back to sleep,” Abhay said. “I remember when I was possessed by evil spirits my heart was filled with pain and hurt. But now I want to give all the glory and honor to the Almighty God who delivered me out of all those pains.”

Today, Abhay goes to school without any fear of the demon that once plagued him.

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