Their Only Child Was Dying

Boy clings to mother's skirtKaasni cradled her only child, Jashith, in her arms. His disease had gone on long enough. Sometimes his body raged with fever, and when his seizure-like symptoms hit, he wouldn’t eat or drink. At only five years of age, his body could not take much more of this.

They Tried Everything to Cure Him

For six months Kaasni and her husband, Ankal, had sought a cure. They took Jashith to several doctors, but no one could diagnose the little boy’s symptoms.

Being very religious, Ankal and Kaasni visited many temples and paid for rituals to be performed. They hoped something would heal their son, but nothing worked.

When people in their village got sick, they usually went to see a local sorcerer for healing. The man took advantage of the people’s illiteracy for money. He told Jashith’s parents that he could heal their son. Staying in their home, the sorcerer offered up many prayers to his gods, but many days passed and Jashith didn’t recover.

Their Last Hope

As Jashith slipped into the last stages of the disease, God reminded his parents of something they had yet to try. One of their neighbors, Sajni, a Gospel for Asia-supported woman missionary, had often shared the message of God’s love in their village. Ankal and Kaasni had never been interested, but they were reminded now of something she had told them: “Everything is in the Lord’s hands. If we pray in His name, then He will surely hear our prayers, because the Lord is very kind to us all.”

Could this God heal their son?

Would She Come Pray?

They ran to Sajni’s home, “Yes, we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Please come to our home and pray for our son. He is breathing his last.”

Sajni hesitated. The sorcerer was still performing his rituals in their home. But with a little boy’s life on the line, she decided to go. Along with a few other believers, she entered Jashith’s room. Neighbors filled the room, all of them skeptical that this approach would work.

The believers began to pray and cry out to the Lord for the sake of the boy. They asked the Lord to heal the child so the whole family and village would know the Lord and His power. Every person in the room was watching attentively, but they didn’t believe any healing would happen.

Their skepticism was soon challenged when, after 30 minutes of prayer, the Lord did a miracle in the boy’s life. Jashith woke up, healed! Ankal and Kaasni were overjoyed. They knew that only Jesus Christ saved their son.

Now their family comes to church and is growing in the Lord. They are very thankful for the prayers of the believers—and to the one true God, who is Healer.

See how God is transforming the lives of families through prayer.


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  1. Sara O

    Wow. It is so easy to forget how God still does miracles like this.

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