Abandoned to Leprosy

Praying Woman

Radhika had done everything right: She faithfully worshiped her god, followed local customs and even continued to care for her family after she got married. But all her good works weren’t enough to keep her from the shame of leprosy.

When the disease infected Radhika’s leg, her husband of one year quickly abandoned her, leaving his 19-year-old wife to care for her parents alone.

Her older brothers took her to a doctor and Radhika faithfully applied the herbal remedy prescribed, but the treatment did nothing to stop the leprosy. And no matter how many times she prayed for relief, her god remained silent.

One day, though, Radhika’s brother met a pastor named Gandhik, who gave him a Gospel tract and told him how Jesus had once healed not just one, but ten people with leprosy at the same time.

Hearing this, Radhika’s brother introduced her to Pastor Gandhik, who encouraged the family to have faith in Christ. He also invited them to come to a Sunday morning church service.

Radhika began attending the services regularly, and as she learned about Jesus’ power and love, she began asking Him to heal her the way He healed people in the Bible.

Radhika diligently prayed and fasted for her healing. Soon the leprosy was completely gone!

Grateful to the Lord who healed her when nothing else could, Radhika decided to follow Jesus with all her heart. Her healed leg is a constant reminder that when her own goodness couldn’t save her, God’s grace was more than enough.

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