Vanished for Eight Years

Sansita with BibleShe stared at him in amazement. Could it really be? After eight years of silence, Sansita stood face to face with her runaway husband. He had come home.

They Had it All

Sansita’s life had been peaceful. She and her husband Balbir, along with their three children, lived in a small village where most people raised animals for their livelihood. Sansita was blessed and didn’t need to work to help provide for the family.

But her husband joined the wrong crowd. In one year, Balbir became an alcoholic and began beating Sansita—often banishing her from the house.


Then all of a sudden, Balbir simply disappeared. Sansita had to figure out how to provide for herself and three schoolchildren. Not used to working outside the home, she took a job she knew how to do: washing dishes. She went from house to house for work, and even found a need for her services in hotels. With the income, Sansita was able to keep her family afloat. But life was hard.

They Cared Enough to Ask

One day, as Sansita stood alone and discouraged in the village, two strangers approached her. Gospel for Asia pastor Ghalib and his wife Trayi were visiting the village, and stopped to ask Sansita about the area. Their conversation soon turned to Sansita’s life. For the first time, someone cared enough to ask about her problems. All of Sansita’s pain and struggles came rushing out as she opened up to the couple.

Soon after, Pastor Ghalib started a fellowship in Sansita’s village. Trayi continued to spend time encouraging Sansita from the Word of God, assuring her that happiness she had lost was still possible. This idea, entirely new to Sansita, sparked a glimmer of hope that her husband might one day return.

Trayi invited Sansita to join prayer meetings, and Sansita soon became involved in a Women’s Fellowship group and other church activities, too. At these meetings, she began to sense God’s presence and hear His voice. She put her trust in His Word and started praying regularly. Meanwhile, her fellow believers joined her in prayer for Balbir’s return, never knowing that they would be praying for the next seven years.

God Answered Their Faithful Prayers

Just as suddenly as Balbir disappeared, he reappeared one night on Sansita’s doorstep. She knew it only happened because of Jesus. Seven years of continual prayer had been answered! Sansita’s faith grew stronger and her children soon decided to follow Jesus. Balbir is now caring for the needs of his family, and he wants to know more about Jesus, too!

See how God worked in another woman’s life through prayer.


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  1. Ann

    ohhh the heart of God..His love made so real…we must stand ….. having done all to stand

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