What Can God Accomplish With One Bike?

Missionary on Bike

For Dhumal, a GFA-supported pastor, ministry entirely changed the day God provided him with a bicycle through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog. Dhumal pastors a church and serves as a ministry supervisor for his area. Before receiving this gift, Pastor Dhumal depended on public transportation and was often late to ministry programs. When he needed to visit congregations under his oversight, waiting for a bus or jeep often delayed him. When church members and village people asked Dhumal for emergency help, like praying for the sick, he had to borrow others’ bicycles to carry out his duties.

Someone Bought Him a Gift

Pastor Dhumal desired to be more effective in ministry, so he prayed fervently that God would provide a way. When he received the Christmas gift of a bicycle, he was delighted. Now Dhumal can travel to many villages he couldn’t reach before. Everywhere he goes, he joyfully shares Jesus’ love.

In Pastor Dhumal’s region, there are often strikes that shut down public transportation. Now however, the strikes don’t affect him, and his ministry continues unimpeded.

Able to travel greater distances, Pastor Dhumal has established three more fellowships in the areas surrounding his church. The closest one is more than 12 miles away! The bike has also made it much easier for him to visit churches that he oversees as area supervisor. On Sundays, Dhumal can now attend worship services at three churches aside from his own. He can also encourage the pastors and organize ministry activities much more efficiently. All of this was made possible by God’s grace and the gift of a bike.

See how you can be a part of stories like these through a Christmas gift.

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