Deep in Debt, No End in Sight

man with childModak lay still, nearly paralyzed by an unknown sickness. Doctors had tried different medicines, but they could find no cure. Every trip to the hospital resulted in another treatment and another payment. With this routine, not only was Modak broke, he was desperate.

Drowning in Debt

Life used to be easy. Modak had a good job and adequately provided for his wife and three children. But a mysterious, debilitating sickness began to afflict him. It sapped all his strength, and he was unable to keep his job.

Every hospital and medicine had proved fruitless, so his neighbors suggested witch doctors. Modak was willing to try anything, but the witch doctors also demanded payment, something he couldn’t provide. Modak began borrowing money from others and plunged deeper into debt. He and his family had no money to buy food and were forced to survive on whatever they could grow. His children were slowly starving. They had no hope.

An Invitation He Didn’t Refuse

It was in this helpless condition that Dayal, a Gospel for Asia pastor, found Modak.

Pastor Dayal prayed for Modak and shared the Good News of Jesus with his family, inviting them to come to church.

Modak and his family began attending the church and soon embraced the love of Jesus. The church prayed for Modak, and gradually his health and strength returned.

Seeing Modak’s desperate financial situation, the church leaders presented him with the necessary materials to run a small provision shop.

Modak opened the shop in the front of his house. Because there were no other shops like it in a 10-mile radius, his little store soon flourished. Modak paid off his debt and once again provided for his family’s needs.

Today, Modak and his family continue to grow in the Lord, and have opened their home for prayer meetings. Modak is so thankful that God saw his family’s need and abundantly provided.

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