I’m Going to Die Soon

manHarij walked slowly along the road. As the tuberculosis continued to attack his body, his weakness seemed to increase each day. The doctors said he didn’t have much longer to live.

The news had rattled Harij. His long search for healing had yielded no results, and now he had to face telling his family goodbye.

The Lord Gives Life

As he thought on these things, he met a group of Bible college students who were returning from an outreach program. They handed Harij some Gospel tracts. Looking at the pamphlets, Harij told the students they wouldn’t do him any good because he was going to die soon.

Concern filled the students and they asked Harij to explain why. Harij shared his whole story, but he was met with an unexpected response.

The students told Harij that the Lord gives life and no one dies unless He allows it. They encouraged him to believe in the Lord and prayed for his healing.

God heard and answered their prayers, and Harij was healed! Now he worships the God who gave him a second chance at life.

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