The First and Only Church in Town

Church BuildingPastor Mardav’s vision wasn’t deterred by the fact that not a single soul in this village knew Jesus. He believed that God was able to reach the people there! Mardav and a few other believers started sharing the love of Jesus with the villagers, and gradually, a new fellowship was born.

They Outgrew the House

Pastor Mardav initially led worship services and prayer in a believer’s home, but soon it was not able to hold everyone. The believers began praying for God to provide them with a church building, and He answered.

The other villagers had no problem with the worship services, but when construction of the new church building began to take place, they made their disapproval known. They contacted the police and filed a complaint, claiming that forced conversions were taking place. But when Pastor Mardav showed the police all the needed paperwork, the police realized they had no basis to halt the work.

A Day of Celebration

The believers gathered on Christmas Day to celebrate the completion of the new church. They dedicated it to God, desiring it to be used for His glory.

The villagers, once against the Christians, have stopped their opposition.

See how a church building can change the perspective of an entire village.


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