They Wanted to See the Movie Again

MoviePalti paused for a moment and prayed. For most people, watching a movie is a routine act. But for this missionary, it wasn’t so simple. As Palti prepared to show a film on the life of Jesus to the remote village, more than 400 people had gathered. Palti knew that opposition could come, and it did.

A Drunken Crowd

The rocks that hit the screen didn’t fall on accident: A group of drunken men threw them as they threatened Palti.

“Why are you showing this film? Leave right now,” they demanded. “Otherwise, we will destroy your projector.” Faced by more than ten angry people, Palti seemed outnumbered. But he took his fear immediately to God, asking Him to change their hearts or send someone to help.

Palti didn’t have a vehicle for protection, so he decided to pack up, but before he could, the head of the village and some soldiers showed up. The authorities arrested the drunk men and asked Palti to continue screening the movie. This time, no one interrupted.

Will You Show it Again Tomorrow?

Although Palti planned to leave the following day, the villagers asked him to show the movie one more time. They promised him there would be no trouble, so he agreed

Palti translated the words into the local language, as the movie played, a woman in the crowd began to cry bitterly.

“I have never watched such an impressive movie in my life,” shared the woman, Mya Nu. “I have never heard that God dies for sinners. This is the real God.”

After the movie was over, Mya came to Palti and asked him to explain about Jesus. Palti gladly answered her.

The next day she came back to ask more questions, and Palti told her more about Christ.

“This is the God whom I’ve been searching for,” Mya realized. Right there, she embraced His love and now, she is growing in her faith and is involved in the local church.

Palti gives thanks to God for going before him and preparing the way.

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