Peace on Air?

Radio“Why can’t the god that my father worships change him?” Sai often asked her mother.

Sai’s father, a proud and angry drunkard, made her childhood a nightmare. Sai watched him pray to his god faithfully, but he often argued with her mother, sometimes physically abusing her. Sai and her siblings were not spared from the pain, enduring many beatings as well.

In response to the question, Sai’s mother only gave a faint smile; she had no answer for her daughter.

Nothing changed for Sai as the years passed. Even after she got married and moved out of her abusive home, her husband’s frequent illnesses robbed her of any peace.

Radio Messages of Peace

Sai enjoyed listening to the radio in her home and she often heard Gospel for Asia Radio’s broadcast. Every time Sai heard the truth about Jesus in her own language, she experienced peace.

After a month of listening, Sai decided to attend a worship service. There, Sai discovered Jesus loved her. With this realization, she and her husband decided to embrace the love of Christ.

Sai’s bold witness and faith inspired many women in the village to find out about Jesus’ love. Now, several have joined her in following Him.

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