‘A Blanket from the Lord Jesus’

Receiving a blanketCauvery grasped the village leader’s hand in desperation. If only she could make him understand her need. She was elderly, poor and unlikely to survive the winter. Couldn’t he see the anguish in her eyes?

It wasn’t the first time Cauvery had asked for a blanket—and certainly not the first time she was turned down. Every time she asked, others were always deemed more deserving, and Cauvery could only watch her future grow dimmer.

When Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionaries started inviting people to a Christmas gift distribution program, Cauvery had no reason to believe she would be included. But to her joy, she received an invitation to attend the event, and the workers presented her with a thick, new blanket.

She was elated by the gift and heartily thanked the distributors.

Later, when a pastor visited her home, Cauvery shared her story.

“I had asked the nearby village leaders so many times . . . explaining that I desperately needed a blanket to survive this winter,” she sadly explained. “They had given blankets to many people, but they did not give one to me.”

“But,” she said, with joy, “I received a blanket from the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is why I am thankful and grateful to God.”

As the pastor shared about the love of Jesus Christ with the old woman and prayed for her, he knew she had been given much more than a warm winter. She was on her way to a whole new life.



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  1. ahmet

    amen! reach every person in need!

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