Finally Able to Grow in Christ

Lalasa grew up devoted to worshiping many gods and goddesses. She had heard the Good News and believed in Jesus but wasn’t growing stronger in her faith because she was still practicing some of her old religious traditions.

The turning point in Lalasa’s life and relationship with Jesus came when she married Mardev, a pastor who encouraged her and showed her what it meant to really follow God.

Because she had grown up in poverty, she was never able to go to school and she hadn’t learned to read or write. Lalasa wanted to help and support her husband in his role as pastor, but she was still hindered by her inability to read the Bible or write anything at all. She began to pray that God would show her what to do about her education.

God answered Lalasa’s prayers when an adult literacy class was started in her church through Women’s Fellowship. In less than a year, she learned to read and write very well.

“When I started to attend the literacy classes, often times Satan brought many obstacles and discouraged me,” Lalasa remembers, “but my husband encouraged me to stand firm for God’s glory and fight against Satan. I am very happy that I can read the Bible now.”

Her newfound skills have helped her grow in Christ, and she now leads the Women’s Fellowship group that helped make her learning possible in the first place.

Now she can teach many women about the love of Jesus by sharing the truths in God’s Word and enabling them to grow, too.

See how you can pray for the women whose lives are being transformed by Women’s Fellowships.

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