Literacy Saved Her Paycheck

Women's literacy classDayita worked hard to keep her family afloat, but her efforts would come to nothing if her husband continued to waste the hard-earned money. Still, as one of the more than 30 percent of Asian women who are illiterate, Dayita found her options limited.

In Dayita’s village, few girls received an education, and she was no exception. Her husband Kaamil was a laborer, and the couple struggled to make ends meet. To ease the family’s financial situation, Dayita began sewing clothing. Kaamil deposited her earnings in the bank, but to Dayita’s horror, she discovered that he was withdrawing her earnings to buy alcohol.

Dayita didn’t know what to do. She found someone to help her open her own bank account, but managing it presented difficulties: She couldn’t read or write to fill out the forms for deposits and withdrawals. Instead, Dayita had to rely on others for help.

Fortunately, two women soon offered just the help she needed.

Two Months to Success

Ashna and Neha, believers from the local Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Women’s Fellowship, had started a literacy class in Dayita’s area. Determined to keep her money safe, Dayita began attending the sessions—and to her surprise, Kaamil supported her.

Ashna regularly teaches two-hour classes on reading and writing from a Bible-based curriculum. Within two months, Dayita could read and write enough to fill out her bank forms. She now deposits and withdraws money on her own. She can also read the names of buses and bus stations.

Thanks to the work of Ashna and Neha, Dayita is also learning about Jesus and is starting to believe in Him.

Across Asia, GFA’s women’s literacy programs continue to open doors for women to build skills and see the love of Jesus.

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