Healing for Their Enemies

Man with radioThe message playing over the radio was simply wonderful—a God who died for all mankind! Haady and his family eagerly embraced Christ’s love. Their neighbors, however, had different feelings on the matter.

The opposition was strong, but Haady and his family held tightly to their faith, drawing encouragement from communication with the GFA Radio staff and worshiping with a local congregation. And as they grew in their faith, they began doing something new: They prayed for their persecutors.

Whenever Haady’s family heard of an illness in the village, they asked God to heal the afflicted person. One of those people was a woman named Idhaya.

An Unwelcome Visitor

For months, Idhaya had been possessed by a demon. Her family helplessly watched as she began to act like a crazy woman, laughing for no reason.

They had spent lots of money on treatment and begged their deities for favor, but their efforts were powerless against the evil spirit.

When Haady heard about Idhaya’s condition, he knew there was only one cure. He began to pray for her and then called the GFA Radio prayer team and asked them to join him.

The team prayed with him over the phone, trusting God to deliver the woman. Overcome, the demon fled.

Idhaya was amazed. After months of bondage, she was free, healthy and able to return to a regular life—and because of that, she wanted to make a change. No longer would she oppose the God Haady followed. Now she would follow Jesus, too.

As Idhaya grows in her new faith, Haady and his family continue to pray, and they all know God will continue to do mighty things.

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  1. W Dan Chance

    The Acts of God are not over. Neither are all of His Acts yet recorded. Praise God for his Love for us and for his servants that are willing to serve.

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