Opposites Find Common Ground

Best friendsMaagh and Saaras were great friends, but they were opposites in many ways.

Maagh worked overtime; Saaras worked occasionally.

Maagh lived on his own; Saaras depended on his parents financially.

Maagh followed Jesus; Saaras was faithful to a traditional deity.

It was the last difference that Saaras could never understand. Religion should have been something they could agree on, but Maagh was always offering Saaras Gospel literature and inviting him to church.

“Being born and brought up in our tribe, how come you ended up following the low-caste religion and worshiping the foreign god?” Saaras asked. “I wouldn’t expect it from an educated person like you. Aren’t you supposed to honor your . . . own god?”

Same Message, New Heart

Gospel for Asia missionary Maagh had been sharing the Gospel with Saaras for a long time, but this query was the golden opportunity he had been waiting for. With excitement, he began clearing up his old friend’s misconceptions, explaining that God’s love was for everyone—not just low castes or foreigners—and that it had the power to change lives.

Maagh’s message hadn’t changed, but this time, Saaras listened. He decided he wanted to know more and happily received Maagh’s pamphlets.

Saaras pored over the information, and the following Sunday, he attended church for the first time. The believers joyfully welcomed Saaras, and as he listened to the songs and the message of hope Maagh preached, Saaras began to understand why his friend loved Jesus so much.

After the service, Saaras asked Maagh how he could follow Christ, too, and Maagh happily told him. Most of Saaras’s family mocked him when he started speaking of the wonderful change in his life, but his brother Udar listened attentively and soon embraced Jesus as well.

Now, in addition to sharing the Gospel with their family, the two brothers regularly join Pastor Maagh in his efforts to tell everyone about the eternal love of Jesus. When people ask how they can possibly follow, they are eager to share.

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