The Cold Won’t Stop Them

Walking through snowAs record low temperatures plague South Asia this winter, death tolls are soaring—and so is the cost of blankets and winter clothing.

“It’s very difficult to survive, especially during winter season when the weather is chilly and damp,” says Pastor Taha. “At the same time, prices are going higher every day.”

Because many South Asian homes don’t have heating, even in the form of a wood-burning stove, winter clothing is vital to staying warm. Missionaries who don’t have such resources find it extremely difficult to continue to visit homes, and when they do come in from the cold, they have no way to warm themselves.

But through Christmas gift distribution programs, GFA is able to provide warmth to local pastors and missionaries.

A Daily Gift

“During the winter, we need at least two or three blankets to cover ourselves at night,” Pastor Taha states. “I am very grateful to the church and its leadership for providing me with such a wonderful gift. . . Since I got the sweater and blanket as a gift, I was able to save money and buy warm clothes for my kids and other household things.”

Pastor Laabh had planned on buying a blanket, but didn’t have the money for anything more than the cheapest ones.

“I knew it would be very cold in the winter season, and it was very tough for me to bear the cold last year. But I kept thinking that I would buy it next time,” Pastor Laabh remembers. “However . . . I was given a blanket—and a good one. I am so happy for this and now I am using it daily.”

As the cold continues to hit South Asia, GFA missionaries with blankets and winter clothing will stay warm and healthy tonight, allowing them to return to towns and villages tomorrow to share the enduring love of Christ.

Watch this video and see for yourself the help winter clothing provides GFA workers.

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