Burn Incense or Trust God?


The question lingered in the air. Should Sanjaya’s parents burn incense to their gods, or pray to the Lord? They knew their daughter’s life hung in the balance.

A Difficult Journey

Sanjaya was only fifteen when the demons first attacked her, and her health quickly went downhill. She suffered for two years as the condition worsened. Her frightened parents called the village sorcerer to treat the unknown sickness, but nothing he did brought healing.

There was one thing left to try.

Would the Missionaries Pray?

Three young women had been visiting the village, sharing about Jesus to all who would listen, but that number proved to be small. The villagers were content in their religion and ignored the women’s attempts to share Christ’s love. The three missionaries, Gospel for Asia Bible college students, were not to be deterred. Fasting and praying, they continued witnessing, knowing that God would bring fruit in His timing.

Sanjaya’s family had joined with the village in ignoring the missionaries, but now her parents wondered if the God these women spoke about could heal their daughter. They called the missionaries and asked them to come and pray for Sanjaya.

A Choice They Must Make

The women prayed earnestly and asked God to deliver Sanjaya, and to her parents’ delight, her condition improved. Sanjaya’s mother gave her food and then Sanjaya fell asleep.

The women returned to their home to continue their prayers for Sanjaya when the phone rang. It was Sanjaya’s father asking them to come again. Sanjaya’s sickness was back.

They came at once and began to pray, but soon a villager who was burning incense to the traditional gods joined them. As he brought the smoking incense closer, Sanjaya lost control and violently thrashed about.

One of the missionaries recognized the spiritual battle before them and put the question to Sanjaya’s parents: Who did they want to trust for their daughter’s healing—the gods of their religion, or the Lord Jesus Christ? The desperate parents chose Jesus.

The women continued to pray and God brought deliverance. The demons left and Sanjaya was completely healed.

Sanjaya’s family held onto the choice they made, and today the entire family follows Jesus.

Find out how God brought deliverance to another family trapped in darkness.


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