From Restlessness to Redemption

Young girlShamila woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of her father shuffling around. He was speaking nonsense again. Because of a mental disorder his sleep was regularly disturbed, and Shamila often wasn’t able to rest through the night either.

Things were not better once the morning came. The new day would only remind Shamila of how hopeless her situation at home often seemed and that she probably wouldn’t be attending school. Shamila’s family couldn’t afford to consistently send every child to school, so she would often skip days so that her five older brothers could attend.

Even though Shamila and her family were wholeheartedly devoted to their gods and goddesses, there was still no peace to be found in their home. It was as if no one heard their prayers.

Through all her struggles, Shamila had been attending a church with her aunt where Pastor Lalan served. As she continued to join in these times of worship, she started praying to Jesus. Her faith in God grew more each day, until she fully embraced His love for her.

She did not stop praying

Sometime later, Shamila became very sick one day. She had a high fever and couldn’t keep any food down. Although her body was weak, God kept her faith strong. She got up in the middle of the night and asked Jesus to heal her. She stopped vomiting and the fever immediately left her body. She was amazed by the love Jesus had for her, and her new faith grew when she saw that He was able to do anything.

She started to pray that her mother would come to church with her, and she invited her the following week. Her mother agreed, and the two of them went together for the first time. After the service, Pastor Lalan prayed with Shamila and her mother, who had asked for prayer for her sick husband.

The very next week, Shamila’s father was completely healed of his mental disorder. The entire family rejoiced in what God had done for them and chose to accept His offer of love and peace. They now worship only one God, the One who hears and answers their prayers.

Shamila’s father recently found a job and makes a good income now and all of the children—including Shamila—are thriving in school. The family is thankful to God for providing in their spiritual and physical needs. Their home, which used to be full of anxiety and unrest, is now covered in the grace and peace that comes only from Jesus Christ.

See how you can pray for missionaries like Lalan who are serving families like Shamila’s.

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