Homecoming Ends in Fellowship

Gospel literatureDhevan was home. During his third year of Bible college he was assigned to his own village for his year of practical ministry, along with two other students, Talib and Nivrutti. The three lived together with Dhevan’s family, the only Christians in the entire village.

The students spent most of their days passing out Gospel literature and visiting families, but one of the houses they visited often was that of their next-door neighbors, Leena and Gayan.

Leena was a mother to eight grown children, and had always lived a fairly ordinary life. But two years ago, her whole world changed. Leena became mentally ill, talking to herself constantly.

Dhevan and his friends decided to go to her house every Tuesday night and hold a special prayer meeting for her. As they prayed, Leena’s condition improved, and she began to act normally again.

A few weeks after Leena was healed, she chose to follow Jesus and make a public testimony of her faith. The villagers saw the change in Leena’s life and began to show an interest in what Dhevan and his friends were sharing. Not long after Leena decided to follow Christ, seven more villagers embraced the love as God as well.

Dhevan and his family are no longer the only believers in their village. They now worship and fellowship with nearly 30 other brothers and sisters in Christ.

“When we start to sing, the villagers like to listen and they come and attend the church,” Talib said.

Bible colleges equip students like Dhevan and his friends to reach their own villages with God’s love.

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