‘If I Die, What Would Be Next?’

Man on bedEkachith had known the Good News since he was a child, sitting through the Sunday school lessons his parents made him attend. But it never meant anything more to him than it had to his parents—Jesus was someone to acknowledge on Sundays, and that was all.

As he grew older, Ekachith stopped caring about even the Sundays. He had a nice life with his wife and three children. But one day, his regular rhythms of life came to an abrupt halt.

Ekachith began suffering from stomach problems, and the doctors couldn’t figure out why. As his health deteriorated, each day became a struggle, and Ekachith decided suicide was the only way to solve his problems.

His only hesitation was a question that kept running through his mind.

“If I die,” he thought, “what would be next?”

One day, he woke up to the answer.

Answers on the Radio

It was early in the morning, but Ekachith couldn’t sleep. He turned on the radio and heard a man praying for the sick to be healed.

Ekachith joined the GFA Radio speaker in prayer and then called the phone number given at the end of the program. After Ekachith explained his problem, the man at the station shared the love of Jesus and prayed for his complete healing.

Within three days, Ekachith’s stomach problems vanished. And after seeing the power of Jesus, Ekachith’s life was transformed.

He began attending church again, praying regularly, and desiring that his family would come to know Jesus, too.

“I praise God for this radio program,” he says. “Every day without fail, I listen.”

With the love of Christ in his life, Ekachith no longer has thoughts of suicide, but he rejoices to know that whenever he does die, what happens next will be greater than anything he can imagine.

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