Old Friendship Brings New Life

Two friendsKaaliya was home from Bible college and eager to share how God was working through his first year, but not everyone shared his enthusiasm. In fact, his old friend Baalaark looked like he was about to burst into tears. When Kaaliya finally asked what was wrong, crying was exactly what Baalaark did.

While the friends had lost touch over the years, Baalaark’s family had fallen apart. His parents fought every day, and his efforts to unite them were traded in for a divorce.

“I don’t know what to do,” Baalaark said. “I did my best to make them understand, but it was worthless. I feel embarrassed, and I don’t want to show my face to anyone out of shame. I just want to finish my life.”

Despite his despair, Baalaark hoped his friend might advise him. Was there a way to save his parents’ marriage? For them to live in dignity and peace?

Kaaliya knew exactly what to tell him.

Friend’s Plea Answered

Kaaliya’s father was a pastor, and over the past semester, Kaaliya had been training to become one, too. He comforted Baalaark, prayed for him and shared the Good News that Jesus has the power to transform lives.

As Baalaark listened, he felt an overwhelming sense of peace and asked Kaaliya to share this message with his parents. That night, the whole family chose to follow Christ.

Over the next two weeks, Kaaliya connected Baalaark’s family with his father’s church, and they began regularly attending Bible studies and meetings. Meanwhile, Kaaliya continued sharing Jesus’ love with everyone he met.

As Baalaark’s family grows in their new faith and others respond to Christ’s call, Kaaliya knows this is only the beginning. With each new year of school, he’s working toward a lifetime of service—a lifetime of seeing families united under the redeeming shelter of God’s grace.

See how you can pray for Bible college students like Kaaliya as they prepare for full-time ministry.

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