The Thief Who Brought Them Hope

Men with projectorTaksheel had been away from home for three years, but it didn’t take long for his old neighbors to recognize him. The village had dreaded the thief’s release from prison, and now they would spend their nights wondering where he was and what he was doing.

Adding to their frustration, some unwanted visitors had arrived to screen a film about the life of Jesus. Ignoring the villagers’ objections, the village leader granted the GFA film team permission.

That night, 150 people gathered to give the film a chance. Taksheel also came, providing the villagers relief that their possessions were at least safe for the moment. After the show, though, something unexpected happened: Taksheel asked the team to come to his home and pray for him.

Taksheel had an upcoming court case, and the missionaries gladly agreed to pray for it. They also took the opportunity to share the Gospel with the rest of Taksheel’s family.

As the missionaries explained Christ’s love, Taksheel felt guilty about his way of life and repented before God. He decided he wanted to follow Christ. When his court case was dismissed the same week, his whole family joined him in that decision.

As Taksheel began to grow deeper in his faith, his neighbors were amazed at the change they saw in his life. What kind of God could transform such a notorious thief into a loving, morally upstanding man? There was only one thing to be done: They chose to follow Christ, too.

Now when Taksheel walks around the village, his neighbors don’t eye him with fear. Instead, he is joyfully welcomed into a fellowship of 29 other new believers. Each with his or her own story to share, together they are a powerful demonstration of Jesus’ life-changing love.

See how you can pray for film teams bringing the Good News to those who have never heard.

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