A Life-Changing Phone Call

Sick womanThe doctors had done all they could, but the outlook was still grim for Kanaka. Medicine was not going to work, and surgery could not offer any kind of hope either. Her kidneys were diseased, and Kanaka knew their failure would result in her death.

Kanaka, her husband and their two children decided that ending their lives on their own terms was better than waiting for Kanaka to die. But around the time the family was making the decision to commit suicide, they heard about Gospel for Asia’s radio prayer ministry, which people could call with their problems.

Having nowhere else to turn, they called the prayer center and bemoaned the impossibility of Kanaka’s health improving. The staff members were not put off by the family’s bleak situation. They took the opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus over the phone and then handed off the situation to God.

The prayer team prayed earnestly for Kanaka’s healing. When God answered by completely healing Kanaka, she and her family were shocked. Never in their wildest dreams did they believe she would improve, but they clearly saw the way God had worked in Kanaka’s body through the prayers of the believers. Overwhelmed by such mercy, they began telling the story to their neighbors, and now their community has seen the power of God.

Kanaka has resumed life as usual in her home, but she now does all of her routine tasks with the joy of the Lord, and she continues to share the love and goodness of Jesus with her neighbors.

See how radio ministries change the lives of thousands in Asia.

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  1. Beth Nakano

    I am grateful to God for hearing our daily problems with a good solution and with these Gospel for Asia in whom He is leading it. I am also grateful for these people in the GFA for their tireless efforts to spread the word of God and at the same time helping them. I expect
    more power to you!

  2. combativeThinker

    May God fill you with his Spirit and reach others through your testimony.

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