No Longer an Alcoholic

Alcoholic father comes to ChristThe time eight-year-old Rajni spent in the Bridge of Hope center was a welcome break from the reality she faced at home.

For Rajni and her family, life was far from peaceful. Her parents had steady jobs at a wood factory, but her father Paraag was addicted to alcohol and would come home drunk night after night. His drunkenness often led to him mercilessly beating Rajni’s mother. Paraag did not care about Rajni’s studies, and he pressured her to leave school and help with work at home instead.

When Paraag suddenly became very sick, he wasn’t able to pay for a hospital visit or medicine because most of his money had already been spent on alcohol. Rajni’s mother had to work even harder at the wood factory and at home in order to take care of the family.

When Paraag was finally able to see a doctor, he was diagnosed with a kidney stone. Although his health got worse every day, Paraag still would not follow the doctor’s advice to stop drinking and smoking.

One day, however, as Paraag was lying in his bed, wondering what would become of his life, staff from Rajni’s Bridge of Hope center came for a visit and shared the Gospel. Rajni had heard the Gospel before and had in fact called himself a Christian up to this point. But his heart softened as the staff members encouraged him and prayed for his healing. They challenged Paraag to leave his addictions and trust in Jesus for healing.

Paraag was moved to tears as he listened to their message. He told the staff members that even if he did not get healed, he would fully give up his addictions and follow the footsteps of Jesus.

Paraag stayed true to his word and has given up alcohol in order to better love and care for his wife and children. Soon the entire family was transformed through Paraag’s decision to embrace Christ. And Rajni is now happy not only while at the Bridge of Hope center but also when she is in her own home.


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