‘Do Not Thank Us, but Thank the Lord’

Bible college student prayingSahil, Maish, and Ajay were first-year Bible college students excited to serve. After fasting and praying about where God would send them, these young men began a month-long internship under the leadership of Pastor Gupta. They had no idea what was in store for them.

Sana was a devout young woman in the village who regularly visited the local temples and partook in rituals to the traditional gods. Despite her devotion, there was no peace in her life.

Progressively, Sana began to develop severe migraines which turned into epilepsy. She constantly felt weak from her illness and suffered dizziness as well. Desperate for a cure, her parents continued to visit witchdoctors and offer sacrifices. Even still, Sana’s sickness continued. With many unanswered questions, Sana fell into a deep depression.

However, because of Pastor Gupta’s outreach program, Sana was able to meet Sahil, Maish, and Ajay. The three men shared the Good News with Sana’s entire family and described how Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice.

“Jesus does not want any sacrifices,” they explained, “rather a heart of obedience. He came into this world to give new life.”

Excited about the Good News, Sana’s parents asked them to pray for their daughter. Within 30 minutes, Sana was cured of her epilepsy!

“I felt as if someone was touching my head,” Sana said. “At that very moment, I was completely healed.”

Astounded by their daughter’s miraculous healing, Sana’s parents also decided to follow Jesus. They are now all members of Pastor Gupta’s local congregation and are thankful for the miracle that the Lord worked through Sahil, Maish and Ajay. Even still, the three Bible students were quick to give glory to God alone.

“Do not thank us,” they told the family, “but thank the Lord who healed her.”

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  1. Bertrand

    The LORD Jesus Christ be praised.
    May the LORD strengthen you our beloved brethren
    as you champion His cause among the multitudes that still
    must come to know HIM.

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