Patience Pays Off

Father reading BibleIn a small remote community in Nepal, 2,500 villagers lived with no electricity, transportation or medical facilities. The villagers had no schools and little hope for the future. Who would bring them the Good News?

While serving a small congregation nearby, Gospel for Asia pastor Omkar made voyages every weekend to that very remote village, eager to share the hope of Jesus. Although the villagers were very hostile toward Omkar, he faithfully returned week after week for three years. Fervent in prayer, Pastor Omkar diligently shared the love of Christ, confident his patience would one day pay off.

As a medical doctor, Jatin was well educated. With a wife and two kids, he was greatly blessed compared to many other villagers. Even still, there was no joy in his life, and no peace for his family. His wife and children were constantly sick, and though Jatin spent lots of money for treatment, they never got well. Discouraged and desperate, he even took his family to witchdoctors seeking a cure; nevertheless, nothing seemed to work. Eventually, Jatin could no longer afford treatment for his wife or kids.

Why is this happening to me? Jatin used to think. Why is everything wrong?

Paving a Way

One weekend, however, Pastor Omkar happened to meet Jatin and his sick family. Omkar shared the love of Christ with them, explaining how Jesus came to heal the sick and set them free. Before he left, Omkar prayed for Jatin and his family, gave them a New Testament, and promised to return the following weekend. Excited to learn about Jesus, Jatin began to carefully read the Bible.

By the time Omkar returned, Jatin was greatly encouraged and began to understand how Christ grants freedom for the captives. Filled with joy, his entire family decided to follow Jesus!

A New Life

Jatin’s wife no longer suffers recurring sickness, and their children have never been healthier. Now their entire household experiences peace, love and hope instead of despair. Because of God’s providence, Jatin is once again employed, running his own medical clinic.

Jatin has also brought a new spirit of life to the entire village that is now more optimistic and open to the Good News. There are now 12 followers of Christ meeting together every weekend in Jatin’s own household.

Although Pastor Omkar faced a lot of opposition, his diligence transformed the entire village by the power of Christ. Jatin and his family are eternally grateful.


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